Making things by hand

When I first realized that I wouldn’t be working anymore I thought my world had ended I went from someone that goes non stop to basically feeling like I had hit a brick wall! My mother is always an inspiration to me she was always doing embroidery, cross stitching, crewel, knitting, making cakes, always baking, mending fishing nets, gardening and on top of that working full time and still running a beautiful home. She was with me after I had my back surgery (reason why I’m disabled now) and I was very down on myself and she said “stop feeling sorry for yourself start sewing, go back to cross stitching try something new that you can do with your time, and go buy knitting needles you know how to cast on, and knit and purl if your stuck call me or go to You Tube lol)” So trying something new means I have been now quilting for three years and still taking classes, and yes I’ve started knitting and have gone back to cross stitching.

So my youngest daughter is coming up for Easter with my grandson and my new grand daughter and I can’t wait, she asked me to find her a good sewing machine for her birthday. Now she wants me to show her how to work the machine, she wants to make for her sister burp clothes, receiving blankets, and diapers. She’s got a head full of ideas of stuff that she wants to start making on her own, and her aunt is going to teach her to crochet and I’m going to try and help her learn knitting as well. This means the world to me that she wants me to teach her things that I was taught as a child. 

Mom is right about one thing some of this stuff is now becoming a dying art form just like the ceramic studios I used to love to go to, I’ve made my family some wonderful things over the years that they still cherish. In the day of the electronics and all the kids spending time online, or playing a game station, and glued to a TV when they could be making something for themselves or for charities. My daughter is trying to do the same with her son limiting him on his daily TV and getting him to build and make things, playing hockey, etc.

I have signed up for Esther Aliu’s BOM called Love Entwinded which is a stunning reproduction of a 1790 quilt it is all hand stitching and his stunning! Here is a link to Esther’s blog take a look at what the final product will look like it is breathtaking and I can only hope to do it the justice it deserves since I’ve only started doing hand applique myself:

I’ve picked out a simple baby afghan pattern to start off my knitting again I will post a photo of that later on once I get it started it’s a pattern I downloaded from the Red Heart website. 

Thank you all for visiting my blog (this is my first attempt at every making a blog) bear with me please while I try to figure out the ins and outs of blogging and keeping things a bit shorter the next time with some photos of things I’m working on! God Bless you all!






Take 10 minutes out of your day

Being an RN and what you see in an emergency room on any given night makes you truly appreciate life and how scared it is and how we don’t tell our families often enough how much we love them. This week’s shift has truly made me take a step back and review my own life and my role within my family. The rate of teen suicides is increasing, and families are not paying enough attention to the warning signs! Everyone is so emerged in technology, TV, gaming systems that no one talks anymore. How hard is it to turn everything off when you sit down for supper as a family and find out whats going on with your kids. Are they being picked on in school, do they know of anyone at school that is acting as a bully or being bulled. This is important! Your kids lives are at stake, two of the families I dealt with last night said they didn’t know who their children’s friends were, who they talked to, knew nothing and it floored me.
It’s not just the bullying either, the young girls are trying to be so much like movie stars, athletes at a such a young age that they are anerexic at the age of 10 because they think they need to be this perfect thin 100 lb person. Once again the parents didn’t see the warning signs, even when there daughter is wearing an aneroxic bracelet like the movie stars wear. We had a patient at the age of 10 overdose on her mother’s diet pills. What is wrong with society?
I raised two daughters through these stages and worked a full-time job and went to school part-time for my degree. I wanted to know where they were going, who was going to be there, phone numbers for the other parents. I asked them if there was issues at school, if they were having issues of any kind that they were embarrassed to tell me about. It was a struggle sometimes but you get out of your children what you put into them. Now they have children of their own and they are a carbon copy of me with the same questions. It’s not that hard people to talk to your children everyday, there’s no excuse for young teens overdosing or committing suicide because you didn’t take ten minutes out of your hectic schedule to talk to them. Now you have to take time out of your hectic schedule to plan their funeral!